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CEO's Message

Ever since its inception in 1978, Hazar Group has had the goal of strengthening and improving Saudi Arabia’s technical capabilities to be more competitive in the global marketplace, enhance efficiencies, reduce environmental impact and improve the overall quality of life. As such, Hazar has represented industry-leading Foreign Companies desiring to conduct business in the Kingdom.

Today, Hazar Group has progressed beyond Representation Agreements to leverage its global experience in Management and Quality Control Techniques to enter into long term Joint Ventures and Partnership agreements. As a result, Hazar has successfully teamed with both Saudi Arabian and Foreign Companies to deliver a wide variety of projects.

These projects include the construction of – Strategic Security Shelters, Personnel Housing, Electromechanical Plants and Hospitals.

Hazar has also collaborated in Agriculture Development Projects, Aircraft Spare Parts Support, Aircraft Pilot and Technical Training, Logistical Support for Commercial & Military Aircraft Operations, Operational Maintenance, Medical Supplies and Equipment Distribution.

“Our Focus is on providing an excellent level of service that ensures customer satisfaction.”

Salman Bin Mohammed Bin Khalid Bin Hethlain

Chairman of the Board and CEO