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HAZAR International Company is established in 1397H (1978) under the law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A 100% Saudi Arabian owned Company, HAZAR International is dedicated to strengthening the Kingdom's technological capabilities by providing the highest quality products and services. Through teaming arrangements, representations and joint ventures with industry leaders, HAZAR's centralized management offers diverse array of high technology products to Saudi Arabia and provides the training to Saudi Arabian nationals in the application of those products.

HAZAR IS A MULTI CAPABILITY COMPANY IN SAUDI ARABIA By drawing upon its available resources, HAZAR assures complete contract performance in the construction of housing projects, airport facilities, strategic and security shelters, and electromechanical plants; maintenance, operations and logistics support for government facilities and equipment; hospital construction, management, staffing, maintenance and operation, including distribution of medical supplies and equipment; agriculture industries; maintenance, training and operation of military aviation programs; sales and spare parts Support of Helicopters and aviation equipment; and, overhaul and repair of Helicopter engines and components.

Hazar with is operations all around the globe in 12 locations, plans to expand in Asia and Europe. Diversification has always been a key motive to Hazar. Seeking new business avenues and opportunities has made Hazar get into multiple businesses.

If you are interested in getting associated with Hazar, please contact on admin@hazarint.com

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